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I'm avoiding stuff and since I don't have as much gas as I thought I did...

^^ Fitting with Halloween...I had a terrifing experience the other day at work!

Background: In the breakroom of my workplace we have a ...slight insect issue. I'm not talking coachroaches or anything!! (*Knock on wood*) We get houseflies/blackflies quite often and I've taken it as my mission, to ensure the sanitation and happiness of my fellow work associates (really, I just don't like them) and as I'm currently really into Man of la Mancha I've taken it as my mission to kill the rotten little buggers!! (usually I miss but I have been sucessful on multiple occasions) >:3 ((and gotten som nasty comments, grrr....I'm doing this for you, too, bonkotsu))

Story: One such mission... I wa standing next to the papertowel dispenser, wiping my hands, when a fly landed near the sink! I toss my paper towel and grab the flyswater! There is a girl at the sink, she says, 'Please don't kill it next to me...!' I'm like, okay! It's in a good position, I clear it with the girl washing her hands and then I strike! SWAAP!! I see a bit go airborn from the intersection spot then THE CARCUS LANDS ON ME!!!!!! OMFG!!!!! I ALMOST DIED GETTING THAT THING OFF ME!! ((breathe, Tracy)) **shivers** I was shreiking and flinging my arms around and otherwise freaking out and when I get the chance to calm down I notice everyone looking at me...... laaaammmmme......siiiiiiigh.....even now I'm getting all worked up thinking about the dead fly on my hand! omg, really, scariest thing I can remember happening to me. Even the old lady who keeps making fun of me was there...I don't know if I'll ever live it down now....siiiigh....

^^;;; Really, very scary! You all should know that I really hate bugs and yeah, my kill came back to haunt me! No Fair!!

hmm.....that didn't quite take as long as I was hoping for....

ah....I love Man of la Mancha~~~!!! totally love it! <33

....there is a lot of drama going around me right now.....but none of it seems to effect me personally...well, my life anyway. What's worse? Being the drama or being surounded by drama and not having anything to do with it? .....story of my life, I guess. Courting disaster but only with a lukewarm love.

I really shouldn't be left alone with my thoughts as my only companion....I get pretty deep and down quite fast.

.....hmmm....also, I've been wanting to see Hair. I think I don't listen to the music too often because I don't understand the ...well, storyline! I get the general themes and enjoy most of the songs, though throughly dated, lol still not as dated as Stranger in a Strange Land...oh Kaa-san, don't get me started. But, I think I'm gonna buy either "Gentlemen Perfer Blondes" or "Hair" on payday! <33 ....It'll be a dificult disicion....<3

.....I suppose I should get going....siiigh, oh well....^^

Motivated! Motivated! Let's get Motivated!! Wooo-Hooo!!

Good morning starshine
The earth says hello
You twinkle above us
We twinkle below

Good morning starshine
You lead us along
My love and me as we sing
Our early morning singing song
Hair (1968)

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