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Let's go get some

I've been refering to myself in the plural lately. Nothing too too major, just like when I talk to myself it's like "Let's go pick up those earrings on the ground..." or "Why does that song keep popping up in our head?" or "argh, we're running low on paper towels....perhaps we should go get some." and stuff like that. It's kinda creaping me out. Like, a lot.

I wasn't planning to expand this when I envisioned it but here goes. A couple theories!

1.) There are a hoard of demons/children who suround me wherever I go and I feel the need to dictate actions/thoughts to them.

2.) I'm getting lonely and are creating others around me who care where I go and what I think.

3.) My natural duality is showing itself in my subcontious references to myself.

4.) I just need something to obsess over at work and this is nothing more then idle cud to chew.

5.) It's nothing more then mid-winter blues sneaking into my thought process.

Again, nothing major, but I'm beginning to feel like Queen Victoria or something. .....huh


~~The Tracy Collective
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