Tracy (divineguardian) wrote,

^^ Hello!! I'm FINALLY back! ^^;; I know, I missed this place too....

Ya' know it's been like a YEAR since I posted last?! I can't believe it either....

So!! Updates!

1.) I'm still at Wally World, but now, DUN-DA-DA-DUNNNN!!! I'm now Jewelry Sales Coordinator! (I'm thinking of going to overnights, I'm kinda tired of jewelry, but don't tell Wild Princess, because now...)

2.) Wild Princess is my Department Managager! ...she kinda reminds me of Magi....but maybe more on that later.

3.) ^^ I'm really excited that Lost is coming back! <3 I really enjoyed watching last season with my mom....even if she slept through the good parts.

4.) >:/ I'm very mad at the Lost franchise for making me a Necrophiliac!!!! Grrr OMG!

5.) Yes, my manga collection is still ever expanding....but now I need a bigger bookshelf for all my other, real, books. ^^ Books really do make me happy! ...I bet all my teachers from grade school on up would never expect to hear that from me...hahaha

6.) I'm still into broadway shows! I've decided to collect all the Tony Award Winners for Best (new) Musical! ^^ I'm soooo excited! I'm working my way backwards......but who's ever heard of "Contact"?? Well, before that I still need to get "Thoroughly Modern Millie". (Please don't grade me on spelling)

7.) hmmm...still no boyfiend but

8.) Godly Oath is getting married!! ^^ I'm soooo happy for her! Her and Holy City are gonna be sooo perfect for each other! AND! I'm the Maid of Honor!!! ^^ totally awesome!

9.) I'm still with Taa-kun and Akira, but Akira is having health poor baby.... *sniff* Instead I've been driving Maria, my dad's car. (Yes, I named my dad's car)

10.) Dad's been having health problems, too. He's on medical leave and can't leave the house. This is making me batty!! ARGH Details? He went into the hospital for cellialitis (sp?), the released him but he wasn't getting better, turns out he had an abscess(sp? I got it from spell-check...but not sure it is right) under the other problem so he had surgery and is back home and driving us nuts. .... -_-;;;; it will be WEEKS before he can go back to work.....yippie.

Okay, I think that's it for now. I hope to be typing again soon and hope to catch up on all my buddies! Have a great [enter time of day here] and I hope to hear from you soon!

Tags: updates
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