It's nine o'clock on a Saturday

...and I'm stuck at Wal*Mart

22 August
I took quite the break from livejournal and I now I'm back! Hoping to get some thoughts out and maybe increase my typing speed (why is my current speed only 40 wpm?).

I live in the US, right on the Canadian border.

I worked at a big box store for a very long time now I'm looking for something new. ...it's not going well....

^^;; Still an anime/manga geek, love yaoi and shoujo and now some seinen series. Still into Broadway musicals, but not Hamilton (sorry, I like the concept and Lin Manuel Miranda but can't really sing along, and the female singers sound shrill to my ears.) My old love of country music has been reignited but I listen to many different radio stations these days, none have show tunes though, lol.